Highest fibre count cable launched by Prysmian Group

5 Jun 2019

February 2019 saw Prysmian Group unveil new additions to its FlexRibbon range, including the 6,912 fibre MassLink Cable with FlexRibbon Technology, providing the highest fibre count within the industry.

The 6,912 fibre FlexRibbon is an ultra-compact outside plant cable design that contains 6,912 bend-insensitive fibres, with a cable diameter small enough to fit into a 50.87mm/2” duct.

By using FlexRibbon technology, ribbons are rolled up and packed together in small diameter sub-units. These 200 μm fibre ribbons still provide the advantages of mass fusion splicing.

Originally designed for use by hyper-scale data-centre customers, 6,912 fibre MassLink has potential uses in all telecom markets.

This innovation is one of a series of new products introduced into the FlexRibbon range, all of which are designed to bundle the maximum number of fibres into the smallest possible cable to maximise fibre density and duct space utilisation. 

The flexible ribbon technology that characterises the range allows the Flexribbon cable to be bundled and tightly packed, while still retaining a flat ribbon sequential fibre alignment.

For more information on the FlexRibbon range, click here.

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