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Prysmian Telecoms UK

With just 5% of premises served by a full fibre broadband installation (Ofcom, Oct 2018), the UK lags behind the majority of leading industrial economies. A rapidly developing market of network builders is focused on the development of fibre to the premises (FTTx) provision and Prysmian Group is ideally positioned to support this expanding market.

Prysmian Group is best known as the world’s largest cable manufacturer, providing technically advanced solutions for power, telecoms and international infrastructure to organisations across the globe.

With R&D and manufacturing facilities in the UK for over 100 years, Prysmian has been proud to be at the centre of historic milestones in the country’s history, helping to deliver nationwide distribution of both power and telecommunications.

The challenge for the current century is speed. For the UK market, Prysmian brings a combination of global experience with locally-based manufacturing and service. Working in partnership with customers, we are at the forefront of developing first class bespoke products and solutions to support the rapidly expanding FTTx and 5G roll-out.

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